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cyclones are areas of low pressure . Cyclones usually exhibit near circular isobars. If isobars are oblong or elongate with the lowest pressure near the center we call them troughs. As air enters an area of low pressure from all directions, the Coriolis effect bends the direction of the wind to the right of its path. This creates a counter clockwise rotation around the low and converges near the center of the system. 

As the air collides near the center it is forced aloft where divergence takes away from the center of the system. The upper-level divergence is necessary for the system to be maintained as an area of low pressure. Without the divergence, the system would fill with air and the horizontal pressure difference would be equalized causing the system to dissipate.

Anti-cyclones : 

anti cyclones are areas of high pressure that exhibit nearly circular isobars. If isobars are oblong or elongate with the highest pressure near the centre we call them ridges. For high pressure areas, air descends towards the surface due to convergence aloft. As the air nears the surface it is forced outward (divergence) from the centre. The "corolis effect" bends the air to the right of its path creating a clockwise rotation around the high.

Anti cyclones
Anti cyclone


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