Biography of Sir Isaac Newton

Biography of Sir Isaac Newton, biographies of Sir Isaac Newton
Sir Isaac Newton 

Biography of Sir Isaac Newton 

Biography of Sir Isaac Newton 

Most of the people among you have heard the name of Sir Isaac Newton. But may be you do not know his earlylife,achievements and his contribution in different subjects. This article on Sir  Isaac Newton will definitely provide you some  information related to his scientific career and other fields. 

Biography of  Sir  Isaac Newton 

Sir Isaac Newton was a  Very well known physicist, mathematician, astronomer, theologian and author. He was a British National and is known all over the world.Netwon had contributed in the foundation of classical mechanics, optics, binomial series, Universal Gravitation and calculus. Newton was fellow of Trinity college and was a professor at the university of Cambridge. He was an unorthodox Christian and did not accepted the doctrine of the Trinity. He uses much of his time to study "Alchemy and Biblical chronology", but unfortunately the work he carried out in these fields remained unpublished after his death. Sir Isaac Newton had received several awards during his scientific career and some of them are FRS (1672) and knight bachelor (1705).

Biography of Sir Isaac Newton 

He laid foundation of classical mechanics, when he published book "Philosophiae Naturalis  principia   Mathematica" also known as mathematical principles of Natural philosophy ". He was the first person to built the "First Practical Reflecting Telescope ". Newton contributed in the study of power series. He proved "Kepler's laws of planetary motion " with the help of mathematics.

Biography of Sir Isaac Newton 

His Early life:

Isaac Newton  was born on 4 Jan 1643. His father named as "Isaac Newton" died three months before his birth.  His mother was named as "Hannah Ayscough" .His mother remarried and left Newton for caring of maternal grandmother "Margery Ayscough".Newton was not happy with the marriage. He always disliked his step father Newton started his education at "King's School,Grantham".He learnt in Greek and Latin languages at Kings school. This was the institution where Newton learnt Mathematics. After the death of his step father his mother again became a widow means second time.  She attempted to make Newton a farmer which Newton was hating most. One of his teachers from King's school named "Henry Stokes " persuaded his mother to send him back to school. After this Newton went back to his school and started his journey.

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Biographies of Sir Issac Newton. 

Sir Isaac Newton and his early life. 

Biography of Sir Isaac Newton.

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This article is about biography of  Sir Isaac Newton in which I covered topics like his early life , achievements and contributions.

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