Bermuda triangle location and the complete concept.


Bermuda triangle location 

The Bermuda triangle is a vast region of The North Atlantic Ocean which is bounded by Bermuda, Miami and Puerto Rico. The triangle is also known as Devil's triangle or Hurricane Alley. It is believed that the numerous  boats, ships and aircrafts have disappeared under mysterious circumstances at Bermuda triangle in past centuries. The most famous disappearing act was flight 19, In which a group of Five US Navy bombers took off on a training mission in 1945 and vanished over the Atlantic Ocean. Bermuda triangle is a heavily travelled shipping lanes in the world. Some ships and crafts regularly sail through the same region of North Atlantic Ocean .

bermuda triangle location,the bermuda triangle history
Bermuda triangle location

Bermuda triangle location

Most of the writers give different calculations of its boundaries and vertices. Some Even suggest it's area equal to an Irish coast. 

Going back to the days of  " Christopher Columbus " some navigators reported confusing compass readings in the Bermuda triangle . Most of the poilots have complained that some eerie electrical fog is interfering with their instruments. Most people think that this is certainly an easy place to loss, even without any supernatural shenanigans.

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Bermuda triangle location

In this area of North Atlantic Ocean Swift currents and storms causes ships to swirl in circles.The Bermuda Triangle   is a superhighway for ships, it is believed that the region would see more accidents than less.

Bermuda triangle location 

According to writers :

One of the writers  named Vincent Gaddis  in Feb 1964 wrote an article in the pulp magazine "Argosy "about The Bermuda Triangle saying that the disappearance of flight 19 and others were actually a part of strange events in the region. This article of Vincent Gaddis was further elaborated by other writers like Richard winner, Charles Berlitz etc.  

This article is about Bermuda triangle location including different views by many geographers and disappearances which took place at the Bermuda region .

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