Brief History of NASA / Space programs of NASA 2021


 Brief History of NASA  

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)  is an independent space agency of united states which was established in 1958. NASA is responsible for conducting space programs and aerospace researches . The agency is also responsible for launching programs . NASA's whole  mission is to provide the better understanding of the Earth and the Universe . NASA supports "The International space station" .
brief history of NASA , space programs of NASA
brief history of NASA 

Brief History of NASA 


The launch of  SPUTNIK 1 by the soviet space agency turned the attention of united states towards space programs . The US congress alarmed by the perceived threat to security and the technology (also known as sputnik crises) urged swift action. The then president of  US  'Dwight e Eisenhower' and his advisors took measures to protect their nation from sputnik program . After this,  the journey of NASA towards space programs began .
brief history of NASA, space program of NASA
Brief history of NASA

Brief History of NASA 

Space programs by NASA:

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration is famous for carrying out missions in which humans were  sent to moon  and NASA gets full credit for making first human visit to moon . There were several programs carried out by NASA in which some were crewed and others un crewed .

Brief History of NASA 

List of space programs carried out by NASA: 

1) Un crewed program : In un crewed programs the first American satellites were launched into the earth's orbit for carrying out scientific and communication missions . In scientific missions NASA tried to explore the solar system and other things .

2) Crewed program : In crewed programs American scientists were sent into the low earth orbit (LEO) and by this mission NASA won the space race with soviet union . In this mission NASA landed twelve men on moon from 1969 to 1972 with the help of Apollo program.

3)  X-15 rocket plane in 1959-68

4)  project mercury in 1958-63

5)  project Gemini in 1961-66

6)  Apollo program in 1961-72

7)  Skylab in 1965-79

8)  Apollo-Soyuz test project in 1972-75

9)  space shuttle program in 1972-11

10) international space station in 1993- present

11)  Constellation program ( 2005 -09 ) and journey to mars (2010-17)

12) Artemis program in 2017 - present

Brief History of NASA

Researches by NASA:

NASA  had carried out lot of researches both on earth as well on space .The first achievement of NASA is radio isotope Thermo-electric generator . NASA wit the help of technologies has made  a special type of radioisotope Thermo-electric generator called "multi-mission radioisotope Thermo- electric generator" which is used on space missions . NASA also carried out researches on climate change and its impact on mankind . Every year NASA spends billions of dollars for its space mission and researches . NASA today  is the worlds leading space agency with incredible achievements.

Brief History of NASA 

Who walked on the MOON:

1) Neil Armstrong  (1930-12) in Apollo 11

2) Edwin "BUZZ" Aldrin (1930) in Apollo 11 

3) Charles ' Pete ' Conrad (1930-1999) in Apollo 12

4) Alan bean (1932-2018) in Apollo 11 

5) Alan B . Shepard  JR (1923-1998) in Apollo 14 

6)  Edgar D. Mitchell (1930-16) in Apollo 14 

7) David R. Scott ( 1932) IN Apollo 15  

8) James B Irwin ( 1930 -91 in Apollo 15 

9) John W young ( 1930 -18) in Apollo 10 ( orbital ) Apollo 16 ( landing) 

10) Charles M duke (1935) in Apollo 16 

11) Eugene Cernan (1934-17) in Apollo 10 (orbital) , Apollo 17 (landing)

12) Harrison H. Schmitt (1935) in Apollo 17

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