Meta tags submission. How To generate meta tags ?

Views In this article I would like to guide you in generating meta tags for your blog.
What you have to do is to simply follow some steps that I have mentioned below. 
Let's start 

Step 1: 
Sign in into Your blogger account. 

Step 2:
 click on  to the settings option and find basic option. 

Step 3: 
Open another tab and  search "blogger metatag "  After opening this website scroll down and at the bottom you will find option like this  
Author (optional).....
and all 

Step 4:
Now from Your blog, copy description and paste it in website where you have to generate meta tags I mean in step 3.

Step 5:
Again go to settings and see search preferences.  You will find meta tag option at the top, copy  it and paste it in step 3 at keyword option. 

Step 6:
select author in option third of step 3. 

Step 7:
select all,at the last option  in step 3.

Step 8:
Now click on option "create meta tags " in step 3 .After clicking, you will see some Html code is generated, what you have to do is to simply copy it. 

Step 9: 
Go to the blogger account and visit theme option. 

Step 10:
There you will see two options 
customize and Edit html. 
Click on edit html. 

Step 11:
Find the <head> section. 
Just Below it, paste the html code and click on save theme. Your work is done 👍.

Step 12:
Go back to posts. 
 That means you have successfully completed the process. 

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