Black Hole /The concept of Black Hole.


Black hole

In general relatively Black Hole  is considered to be a region of space where gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, including light, can escape its pull. The Black Hole is having a one way surface which is called an event horizon, into which objects can fall, but can't come back. Now the question arises ,why it is called  Black Hole  ? Because it absorbs all the light falling on it and reflects nothing, just like a perfect black body in thermodynamics. Quantum analysis of Black Holes shows them to possess a temperature and Hawking Radiation.

Black hole      

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Black hole

Despite its interior being an invisible, it shows its presence through interaction with other matter. A Black Hole can be inferred by tricking the movement of a group of stars that orbit a region in space which looks empty. Alternatively from a companion star one can see gas falling into a small black hole. This gas emits large amount of radiation ,as it spirals inward  and  heats up to a very high temperature that can be detected from earthbound and earth-orbiting telescopes.

Black hole 

The idea of a body  so massive that even light cannot escape was put forwarded by geologist John Michell in a letter written to Henry Cavendish in 1793 to the royal society. After this, the general theory of relativity was developed by Albert Einstein in 1915 , having shown that gravity in fact influence light's motion. After few months, a new solution was put forwarded by Karl Schwarzchild for the gravitational field of a point mass and a spherical mass, showing that a black hole could theoretically exist. Physicist john wheeler is widely credited with coining, the term Black Hole in his public lecture "our universe :the unknown an unknown".

black hole /the concept of black hole

According to No hair theorem, there are only three independent physical properties of a black hole :

1) Mass 

2) Charge 

3) Angular momentum 

These properties are special because these properties are visible outside the Black Hole.

For Example:

A charged black hole repels other like charges just like any other object, besides the fact that photons which are responsible for electric and magnetic forces, cannot escape from the interior region. 

Similarly, the total mass include a sphere which contains a black hole and can be found by using the gravitational analog of Guass's Law, far away from the Black Hole

Like wise, by using frame dragging by the gravitomagnetic field we can measure the angular momentum.

black hole

 the concept of black hole 

knowledge of black hole 

scientific discovery of black hole 

At last I conclude with this;

" Time is a wave or a Black Hole could not bend it, humanity rides the crest of an infinite number of waves that are perceived as linear in their limited frame of reference".

This article of "The guide " provides you information about "Black Hole " and its importance in scientific world. 

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