Magnetic flux - Definition, unit and properties.


Magnetic Flux :

Definition: The number of attractive lines of powers set up in an attractive circuit is called Magnetic Flux. It is practically equivalent to electric flow, I in an electric circuit. Its SI unit is Weber (Wb) and its CGS unit is Maxwell. It is meant by φm. The attractive transition measures through motion meter. The fluxmeter needs to quantify curl which quantifies the variety of voltage to gauge the motion. 

Net number of lines going through the surface are called magnetic lines of force.

Magnetic flux, definition

 In the event that the attractive field is consistent than the attractive motion going through a surface (S) is :

                   φ=B·S COSθ

where ,

B –the greatness of the attractive field 

S –territory of surface 

θ –point between the attractive field lines and opposite separation typical to the surface region 

Attractive transition for a shut surface :

                   φ = ∫∫ s·B ds = 0

Attractive transition for open surface :

Magnetic flux, magnetic flux for open surface
Magnetic flux for open surface 

Where ,

E – electromotive power 

v –speed of the limit 

B –attractive field 

øB –   magnetic transition through the open surface 

dl –minute vector component 

The attractive transition through a shut surface is consistently zero, yet in the open surface, it isn't zero. 

Estimation of Magnetic Flux: 

The SI unit of attractive transition is Weber (Wb) or Tesla meter squared (Tm2) named after German physicist Wilhelm Weber. Attractive motion can be estimated with a magnetometer. Assume a test of the magnetometer is moved around a region of 0.6 m2 near a huge sheet of magnetic material and demonstrates a steady perusing of 5 mT. At that point the attractive motion through that territory is determined as ( 5 ×10-3 T) ⋅ (0.6 m2 ) = 0.0030 Wb. In the occasions of changing attractive field perusing a territory, it is important to locate the normal perusing. 

Attractive Flux Unit: 

Attractive motion is typically estimated with a fluxmeter. The SI and CGS unit of attractive transition is given beneath: 

SI unit of attractive motion is Weber(Wb).The crucial unit is Volt-seconds.The CGS unit is Maxwell. 

Properties of attractive motion: 

1) They generally structure a shut circle. 

2) They generally start from the north shaft and finishes in the south post. 

3) They never cross one another. 

4) Magnetic lines of powers that are corresponding to one another and are a similar way repulse one another.

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