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Magnetic Force : 

Magnetic Force , fascination or shock that emerges between electrically charged particles due to their movement. It is the basic force responsible for such impacts as the activity of electric motors and the fascination of magnets for iron. Electric forces exist among stationary electric charges; both electric and attractive powers exist among moving electric charges. 

The Magnetic Force  between two moving charges might be depicted as the impact applied upon one or the other charge by a magnetic field created by the other. 
Magnetic field,  magnetic force
Magnetic Force 

Magnetic Force  Continue, 

Starting here of view, the attractive force F on the subsequent molecule is corresponding to its charge q₂, the size of its velocity v₂, the size of the attractive field B₁ produced by the primary moving charge, and the sine of the point.

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theta, θ, between the way of the subsequent molecule and the bearing of the attractive field; that is, F= q₂B₁V₂sinθ. The power is zero if the subsequent charge is going toward the attractive field and is most noteworthy in the event that it heads out at right points to the attractive field. 

Magnetic Force :

The Magnetic Force  on a moving charge is applied toward a path at a correct point to the plane framed by the heading of its speed and the bearing of the encompassing Magnetic field.


In conclusion,  Magnetic Force  is actually a force arising between particles of electrically charged. 

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