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Biography of Elon Musk , South African-born American entrepreneur was born on June 28, 1971 in Pretoria, South Africa. Elon musk  formed SpaceX and is the co-founder of electronic-payment firm PayPal . He is also the maker of launch vehicles and spacecrafts . He is also chief executive officer of, the electric car manufacturer of the first significant investors.

 Early Life: 

Biography of Elon Musk  - He was born on June 28, 1971, in Pretoria, South Africa. As a child, he was so lost in his daydreams about inventions that his parents and doctors ordered a test to check his hearing.

Elon developed an interest in computers during the time of his parents’ divorce, when he was 10. He taught himself how to program, and when he was 12 he sold his first software: a game he created called Blastar.

He was short, introverted and bookish, in grade school .Till he was 15 , he was bullied and went through a growth spurt and learned how to defend himself with karate and wrestling.

 Education :

Elon  was Aware that it would be easier for him to enter the United States from Canada. so he applied for a Canadian passport through his Canadian-born mother.  He attended the University of Pretoria for five months , when he was awaiting the documentation. This helped him to avoid  mandatory service in the South African military.

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 In June 1989, he arrived in Canada, unfortunately failed to locate his great-uncle in Montreal and instead stayed at a youth hostel. After this, he travelled west to live with a second-cousin in Saskatchewan . He stayed there for at least a year, working odd jobs at a farm and lumber-mill. During the year 1990, Musk entered Queen's University in Kingston at Ontario.Two years later, he transferred to the University of Pennsylvania. Elon  graduated in 1997 with a Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in economics from the Wharton School and a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree in physics.

Musk  held two internships in Silicon Valley in 1994, during the summer: at an energy storage startup called Pinnacle Research Institute, which researched electrolytic ultracapacitors for energy storage, and at the Palo Alto-based startup Rocket Science Games. Elon  was accepted to a Ph.D. program in 1995, in energy physics/materials science In California  at Stanford University . You would be surprised on hearing that musk  attempted to get a job at Netscape but never received a response to his inquiries. After Two days, he dropped out of Stanford , deciding instead to join the Internet boom and launch an Internet startup. and PayPal:

It was during the year 1999, when Elon  co-founded , an online financial services X. Com and an e-mail payment company named PayPal . It was the startup which was one of the first online banks to be federally insured, and, during its initial months or we can say starting months , over 200,000 customers joined the service.

The  investors of the company saw Elon   as inexperienced and had  replaced him with an Intuit CEO "Bill Harris" by the end of the year. During the same year, X. Com merged with an online bank Confinity to prevent unnecessary competition. Confinity which was Founded by Max Levchin and Peter Thiel, had its own money-transfer service, PayPal , which was more popular than X. Com service. Within the merged company, Musk returned as CEO. 

Biography  continue... 

Elon musk's  preference for Microsoft software over Linux created a rift in the company and caused Thiel to resign from the company . Due to  lack of a cohesive business model and resulting technical issues , the board ousted Musk and replaced him with Thiel in September 2000. Under the leadership of Thiel, the company mostly focused on the PayPal's  service and was renamed as PayPal in 2001. In 2002, PayPal  was acquired by eBay for $1.5 billion in stock, of which Musk—the largest shareholder with 11.7%—received over $100 million.

Elon  purchased the domain X. Com in 2017 from PayPal  for an undisclosed amount and explaining that  it has sentimental value.

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