The fastest-spinning white dwarf ever seen rotates once every 25 seconds


Spinning of White dwarf after every 25 Seconds:

We know that the sun  turns once a month and the Earth once a day, but we don't know that a white dwarf star 2,000 light-years away spins every 25 seconds, means beating the old champ by five seconds. That is the thing which makes it the fastest-spinning star of any sort ever seen — unless you consider such exotic objects as neutron stars and black holes, some of which spin even faster, to be stars.  

Roughly as massive as the su and as small as earth, a white dwarf is extremely dense. We should keep it in mind that star’s surface Gravity is so great that if you dropped a pebble from a height of a few feet, it would smash into the surface at thousands of miles per hour, as compared to it, typical White dwarf takes hours or days to spin.

White dwarf, Star
White dwarf

The fast-spinning white dwarf about which this article is written  named as LAMOST J0240+1952 which is located in the constellation Aries, got in a whirl because of its ongoing affair with a red dwarf star that revolves around it. Just as falling water makes a waterwheel turn, so gas falling from the red companion star made the white dwarf twirl.

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The event was observed on the night of August 7, when astronomer named Ingrid Pelisoli of the university of Warwick in Coventry, England, and her colleagues detected a periodic blip of light from the dim duo. The blip was repeating after every 24.93 Seconds, revealing the white dwarf star’s record-breaking rotation period, the researchers report August 26 at

The star’s only known rival is an even faster-spinning object in orbit with the blue star HD 49798. But that rapid rotator’s nature is unclear, with some recent studies saying it is likely a neutron star, not a white dwarf.


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