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Phoenix Rises No More:

The Phoenix Mars Lander landed in May 2008 with a search for and excavation of water evidence in the Vastitas Borealis plains in the Martian arctic. During its nearly six-month operation, $475 mission confirmed the existence of groundwater ice and made important aspects of Martian pollution.

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The Phoenix project ended in November 2008 when the spacecraft could no longer get enough energy due to a combination of reduced sunlight, dust shield and strong winter temperatures.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter

 itself continues to have a growing role in orbiting the Red Planet. A massive investigation began to Orbit Mars on March 10, 2006 and is currently in an extended phase of its mission.

The orbiter continues to provide vital information about the planet's ancient location and how processes such as wind, meteorite and seasonal snow continue to have an impact on Mars today, NASA officials said. MRO has transmitted more data to Earth than any other interplanetary operations combined.

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