Mount Etna and it's Eruption History (475 BCE - 2022)



Mount Etna: 

There are number of volcanic places around the world and each one is having it's own eruption history. And this article will cover a volcanic place which mostly remains in news headlines due to it's devastating eruptions.

Mount Etna - The mega guide
Mount Etna - Italy

Yes! we are talking about Mount Etna, or simply Etna. An active stratovolcano Which is located on the east coast of Sicily. place in Italy Which is situated in between the cities of  Messina and Catania. It is the highest and most active volcano in European Continent.

Mount Etna - Eruption History:

It was in the 1500 BC, When the Eruptions of this deadly volcanic place were started documented. The people living in the Eastern side of the Sicily island were forced by Etna's eruptions to vacate and settled at the Western end.It is being observed that more than 200 Volcanic eruptions, in which most of them were of small magnitude.

It was In 1669,world's deadliest eruption took place at the Etna. lava from fissures reached the sea and the the doorsteps of Catania city. only ten miles of distance was remained between the city and the flowing lava.

Mount Etna volcanic eruption
Aerial view of mount Etna - Italy

Now their was the challenge of protecting the city Catania from the flowing lava. So what people did, they with the help of their tools tried to dug a narrow channel . This channel helped them to drove away this harmful lava. But their efforts instead of bringing happiness brought a sorrow to the people of the village Paterno. Villagers were unhappy, so they started to drove away catanian people and their efforts forced them to leave their efforts.

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As already discussed above that there has been series of volcanic eruptions that took place at Etna. some of them were deadly and others were of small magnitude. The latest eruption of Mount Etna happened on September 2013 which is still ongoing. Before this in 1775 , a deadliest eruption took place which produced lahars .These lahars not only melted snow but also the ice on the summit. One of the mind blowing fact associated with Mount Etna is that the eruption of 1979 lasted for thirteen years.

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