Is that possible there are more planets than 8 Planet?


How many planets are there:

Discussing our little planetary group, there are only 8 enormous bodies which are turning around our sun that we call The planets . There used to be 9, however space experts discovered that Pluto didn't actually fit the bill because of reasons that are muddled and that made all in all a fight for some time. Everybody disagreed.

Talking about Cosmologists, Since they have found such infinite number of  Planets in the extraordinary past, which gives us confidence in saying that there are millions, even billions of them simply in our own universe.


Since there are a trillion of so worlds in our universe, the quantity of planets is really enormous, perhaps six  tillions. 

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Once in a while, it's lowering to understand that we're only one bit of a Planet in one little planetary group in one corner of one cosmic system that is only one of a trillion or more in our universe.

However, try not to regret it. We are extraordinary in light of the fact that it's outrageously difficult to make life that strolls about ashore and that then, at that point, can assemble TVs and Space Ships. We might have the main such Planet in our system. Nobody knows without a doubt, yet it sure appears to be probable for our side of our universe.

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