NASA delays rollout of Artemis 1 moon mission's SLS megarocket until Spring.


NASA delays rollout of Artemis 1 moon mission's SLS megarocket until Spring. 

NASA won't move its first moon-bound megarocket out to the platform any sooner than Spring, again postponing the send off of its Artemis 1 mission.

Office authorities will talk about the choice during a news gathering Wednesday (Feb. 2) at 12 p.m. EST (1700 GMT); NASA will communicate sound of the occasion on NASA television. In any case, the organization gave an underlying clarification to the postponement for the mission to the moon.

"The team hasn't tackled a major issue, but NASA has added additional time to complete the final work at the VAB [Vehicle Assembly Building] before the rocket is first deployed," an agency official said in a statement. rice field.

NASA had previously planned to begin flight  in March after major test procedures in late February. Authorities have not provided a new estimate of when Artemis 1 will be able to take off from  Pad 39B at the Kennedy Space Centre (KSC) in Florida, but will consider April and May dates in a statement. Said that.

Artemis 1 is NASA's new Orion spacecraft unmanned mission, orbiting the moon during a week's flight to test whether astronauts are ready to return  to the moon for the first time since 1972. .. Orion Capsules will be launched from the first Space Launch System (SLS). A mega rocket that takes off at the long-awaited milestone for the agency.

When the Artemis 1 Mega Rocket is finally deployed on KSC's Launch Pad 39B, the next step will be a wet dress rehearsal that simulates every step of the launch, including refueling the rocket. 

 NASA will not announce an estimated launch date until this process is complete. The rocket also needs to be rolled back to the Space Shuttle Assembly Building for a final check before launching.

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