For what reason did Russian soldiers attack?


Russia Ukraine Conflict: 

In a pre-first light television address on 24 February, President Putin proclaimed Russia couldn't feel "secure, exit and progress" as a result of what he guaranteed was a steady danger from current Ukraine.

Russia and Ukraine
Russia and Ukraine conflict

Right away, air terminals and military base camp were assaulted, then, at that point, tanks and troops came in from Russia, Russian-added Crimea and its partner Belarus. Enormous urban communities have been shelled, neighborhoods wrecked to the ground and a great many Ukrainians have escaped their homes.

But then Russia boycotts the terms war or even attack, compromising columnists with prison assuming they do. For President Vladimir Putin this is an  "exceptional military task".

A considerable lot of his supports for war were misleading or unreasonable.

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president putin said that his objective was to safeguard  people exposed to tormenting and annihilation and focus on the "neutralization and de-Nazification" of Ukraine. There has been no slaughter in Ukraine: it is a dynamic majority rules government, drove by a Jewish president.

"I could be a Nazi, How is it?" said Volodymyr Zelensky , who has compared Russia's attack to Nazi Germany's intrusion in The Second Great War. Ukraine's main rabbi and the Auschwitz Commemoration have additionally dismissed Russia's slur.

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