Anthill Galaxy is feeded by a stream of cold gas - fresh observations


Stream of cold gas could keep the galaxy supplied with star-forming fuel for a billions of years. 

Stream of Cold gas

                                     B. EMONTS/NRAO/AUI/NSF

A new way for galaxies to grow. According to Researchers report published in March 31 Science. A long, cold stream of gas is feeding a very distant galaxy .

Computer findings observed that the gas streams should connect galaxies to the cosmic web. But astronomers are of the view that the gas is warm, which is unsuitable for star-forming fuel and galaxy growth.

one of the astronomer Bjorn Emonts and his research team were shocked to see a stream of cold, star-forming gas which was leading into the Anthill Galaxy, a very massive type of galaxy whose light takes at least 12 billion years to reach the planet Earth.

you should be aware the The research team spotted the unexpected stream while measuring Cold gas in the neighborhood of galaxy by using the Atacama Large Millimeter/submillimeter Array, or ALMA, in Chile. What was surprising is that the Astronomer Emonts was particularly interested in radio wavelengths of light which you already know is emitted by carbon atoms when the temperature is between about -260° and -160° Celsius.

According to astronomer, “People didn’t think that these streams could get so cold,” says Emonts of National Radio Astronomy Observatory in Charlottesville, Va.

If we look at the data, it was observed that the frigid stream stretched at least 325,000 light-years away from the galaxy. According to teams calculation, The unexpected stream was carring  the mass of 70 billion suns and deposits the equivalent of about 450 suns in Cold gas onto the galaxy every year. This according to astronomer and his team was enough to double the galaxy’s mass within a billion years.

Astronomer Emonts thinks that no one would have seen such a stream of Cold gas before because my team used ALMA in a configuration, with its telescopes arranged as close together as possible. This thing  gave the observatory a very lower resolution and a larger view.

According to astronomer Emonts, I think people always do do that because our way was different“We basically defocused ALMA to the worst possible extent.” It became a reason for observation. 

If other type of galaxies are fed by similar structures, that means galaxies have grown directly by drinking from cosmic streams, instead than by the leading hypothesis _ Violent Galaxy Mergers

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