Do you know, How differential equations came into existence ?


Something you need to know about the origin of differential equations:

In this piece of writing, we look at some of the main parts of this story, from the beginning with Newton and Leibniz until about 1950.

Little concept about the origin of differential equations
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 "Differential equations" begins with Leibniz, the Bernoulli brothers, and others. from the 1680s, right after Newton's "equation of flow". ' in the 1670s. In the starting , Applications were mainly made to geometry and mechanics; isoperimetric problems are optimization exercises. 

In the Pure and Applied mathematics,  Differential equations have occupied a major position.Since its inception in the mid-17th century. Its origin has been well researched, but there are emerging new connections with other parts of mathematics, fruitful interactions with applied subjects, interesting reformulations of fundamental problems and theories from different eras, new Perspectives, etc., remain an important area of ​​ongoing research. 20th century etc. 

If we take a proper investigation, we come to know that Most of the developments in the 18th century reinforced the Leibnizian tradition, extending its multivariable form, thus leading to Partial Differential Equations. The generalization of isometric problems leads to the calculation of variations. New figures emerged, Lagrange and Laplace,notably Euler, Daniel Bernoulli. The development of the general theory of solutions includes single solutions, functional solutions, and solutions in infinite series. 

Applications of differential equations:

Numerous applications have been made to mechanics, notably in the fields of astronomy and continuum. If we talk about the 19th century:General theory has been enriched by the development of an understanding of general and specific type of solutions, and theorems of existence. Other forms of equations and their solutions appeared; such as Fourier analysis and special functions. Among the new characters, Cauchy stands out. 

various types of Applications are now made not only to classical mechanics but also to the theory of heat, optics, electricity and magnetism, especially to Maxwell's action and other concepts. Poincar\'e then introduced the recursion theorems, which was  initially concerned with the three-body problem.

In the beginning of the 20th century: general theory has been influenced by the emergence of set theory in mathematical analysis; with consequences for theorizing, including other topological aspects. New applications have been created for quantum mathematics, systems dynamics and General Theory of Relativity. 


Based on the above discussion, we came to the conclusion that Differential equations occupy an important place in different subjects most importantly in mathematics. Although efforts are been made to give a special place to the subject in different courses in different academic positions. The concept of Differential equations is wide but easier and makes one feel enjoying, when studied seriously. 

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