Laser technology to improve Lightening Protection_Research.


Paths of lightening can be altered with the help of a powerful laser. 

With the help of this Laser technology, we may be able to improve lightning protection someday. 

According to researchers, Like Thor's high-tech hammer, powerful lasers can grab lightning and redirect its path into the sky. 

The Laser technology involved in  lightning protection  is the lightning rod: the rod is a metal pole anchored to the ground. Because metal conducts electricity, it attracts lightning that can strike nearby buildings or people. The rod can then safely deliver this power to ground. But the area protected by the lightning rod is limited by the height of the lightning rod. 

Researchers have previously used lasers to control electricity in the lab. But researchers now offer the first evidence that it can also work in real-world storms. Their test took place atop a mountain in Switzerland. They say that this could one day lead to better lightning protection. 

According to the words of Aurelien Houard. who is a Physicist and worked at the Polytechnic Institute of Paris. He is based in Palaiseau, France. "If you want to protect a large infrastructure, like an airport or a rocket launcher or a wind farm... then you're going to need, for good protection, a lightning rod that's kilometers in size, maybe even miles in size, if you want to protect it, hundreds of meters".

we are aware that the Building of a metal rod a kilometer (or mile) high would be tougher task. But with the help of a Laser technology, we can reach that far. It can capture distant lightning bolts in the sky and will direct them to metal rods on the ground. In the summer of 2021, Houard, a physicist by profession was part of a team testing this idea atop Mount Santis in Switzerland. 

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